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Writers' Block 2019

Photo by Jay Moussa-Mann



Since 2010 Writers' Block has been active in Teesside, running creative sessions and inspiring writers to write. A number of writers have been made offers by prominent agents as a direct result of WBNE opportunities, and to date four of our writers have been published.


The literary industry is still predominantly London-centric. The vast majority of industry gatekeepers are based in London and there are very few dedicated opportunities for aspiring novelists based in the Tees Valley. This creates a risk that hugely talented writers with a lot of potential stop writing, or never even start. 


Because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

WBNE is helping to level the playing field by providing the upskilling support and coaching our writers need as they create professional standard manuscripts, and introducing them to local authors who have made inroads into the industry, before bringing them into contact with industry gatekeepers who can provide further support and encouragement, and in some instances launch their literary careers.


We have supported collaborations between writers and other creative professionals, and between creative practitioners and creative and digital organizations.


We have worked directly with more than 200 individuals who had never engaged with arts activity previously, and with our support they went on to participate in other local and national arts-based opportunities.


We work closely with regional arts organisations including Apples and Snakes, mima and New Writing North. This interconnected network of support ensures writers create and share great writing with a broad, diverse audience.


Want to get involved? Then GET INVOLVED.

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Writers’ Block is a wonderfully supportive and inclusive community. Their events are well put together, with a great mix of writers keen to learn and progress. I loved taking part.

Hellie Ogden, Janklow and Nesbit

I congratulate Writers’ Block North East on their invaluable work with promising writers, ensuring that Northern voices are heard by agents and publishers and that the authors are given the encouragement and feedback that is essential to every aspiring creator.

- Lizzy Kremer, David Higham Associates

In towns like Middlesbrough, writing groups like this are key to giving people a way in to what can often seem an intimidating and closed world from the outside and bringing attention to a diverse range of new voices. I came away having met some promising new talents that otherwise might not have crossed my path and would love to continue to work with Writers' Block North East in the future.

​​- Tanya Tillett, Knight Hall Agency Ltd

Writers’ Block offers editorial support, practical advice and industry insights in a warm and accessible way. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the work I read, and it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with authors who I might not have met otherwise.

Clare Wallace, Darley Anderson

Writers’ Block is a fantastic way for agents to connect with talent that they might otherwise not have discovered. I was so impressed by the work that I’ve seen from Writers’ Block authors, and I hope to see more in the future.

- Lydia Silver, Darley Anderson

'Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on' - Louis L'Amour

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