Writing Exercise: Who is driving this thing?

Your hero gets dragged off the street, bundled into a car and taken to a disused warehouse. They are told they need to steal a suitcase from a bank vault hidden under a volcano or they'll get shot. They agree to do it. On their way to do the job they are arrested, and told by the morally-ambiguous detective that they must wear a wire while pulling the heist or they'll get shot, so they do, but the villains discover this and kidnap your hero's goldfish and warn her that unless

Writing Exercise: Location Location Location

When describing the setting of a scene or a chapter, how do you decide what to include and what to leave out? Should you describe the carpets? The wallpaper? The smell? The persistent, bassy growling sound coming from the cage of angry tigers in the corner? Which bits are relevant? Using a definite point of view can help with all kinds of writing, because it allows you to infuse the words with emotion. Our tip: try describing your location from the point of view of your prota